It's No Secret...

We're stressed more than ever.  With a global pandemic, civil unrest, climate change, interruptions to our daily living, travel, and relationships, it's been a trying time for many. 

Now, more than ever, it's important to spend time focusing on ways to feel lighter, happier, and more calm. 

How do you do that without stressing even more about how to do that?

"To this day, six years later, when I'm feeling a bit unsure about my abilities or what direction to go in, I refer to my notes from my sessions with Gi for a confidence booster, and a reminder that I can do it!"  Jeanne T.

Important Information About This Course

The course includes a combination of online material, and live sessions with Gi via Zoom. Students will receive a Zoom link by email the day of each live session.

  • Live Zoom sessions follow the curriculum every six weeks or so. You are welcome to join the sessions anytime, or wait until the next six week session starts at the beginning. Sessions are held Tuesday evenings for 6 Tuesdays in a row from 6:00pm - 7:30 pm ETS.

  • Access to the online material will be available for one full year.

  • The course provides useful downloads, and exercises students can use over and over again in their practice.

Hi! I'm Gi. I'm Here To Inspire You!

As a trained psychotherapist, and certified life coach for more than 25 years, I have seen a lot of the suffering everyday people, just like you, have undergone as a result of stress, anxiety, trauma, overwhelm, and sadness.

Adding a pandemic, distance from family, and friends, and the typical support systems we can usually lean into has only made it harder.

Fortunately, the growth of online learning has allowed us to come together in other ways, and I'm really excited, and very grateful, to be able to reach many more of you through this online class, that includes 6 weeks of live coaching via Zoom with me!

Participants in this program have been transformed from the heavy loads they often feel, to a lighter, happier, much calmer sense of self through the tools of mindfulness.

What's Included?

  • Online Access For One Full Year

    In the program, you will have access for one full year to helpful downloads, meditations, and resources to help you continue your practice towards well-being on a regular basis where you will feel the most benefits.

  • Weekly Group Well-Being Sessions

    Each week throughout the year (with a few exceptions), I will meet with you in live Zoom sessions on Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm EST. The sessions coincide with the curriculum on a six week rotating basis. You can join anytime.

  • The Opportunity To Give Back

    Students in my programs have the option of being silent observers, or active participants, sharing stories, encouragement, and experiences which allows for a rich, and diverse environment for growth, and transformation.

  • A Mindful Code Of Ethics

    A code of ethics that asks all to be kind, supportive, and confidential to allow for a sacred, and safe place for all.

What is NOT included?

It's important for participants to understand that although I am a licensed clinical mental health counselor, this is NOT therapy.  This is a holistic approach to mindfulness that allows students to learn about tools, and strategies for reducing stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.  If you are unsure whether or not this program will meet your mental health needs, please feel free to contact me, and I will point you in the right direction.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!!

If you were to go to a counseling session to relieve stress, it would likely cost easily over $100 an hour plus. Ready to learn how to make everyday a little brighter, and a lot less stressful, one step at a time, and for a lot less money?

Ready to jump in, feel a little brighter, and achieve more peace in your days? You'll love how easy this program is, and how it helps you to achieve exactly that. I look forward to meeting you. ~Gi